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A Backward Glance Back O'er Travel'd Roads

· Litigation,False Claims Act,Defamation

When you're busy, it's hard to get a sense of how much you've accomplished.  But looking back over 2016, it's amazing how much Cornell Dolan, P.C. achieved on behalf of its clients.

First, we realized that people often don't know what to do when they can see a legal storm boiling on the horizon.  So we got together a little booklet which anyone can read for free, just by clicking here

We also found out that a lot of businesses are getting hurt by defamation, especially on the Internet.  So we wrote another book to let people know how to deal with it.  It's something anyone can read for free, right here.

In our banking practice, we obtained a judgment for a client for more than $4 million in a construction loan dispute. We also obtained relief from the automatic stay in Bankruptcy Court for a client in a dispute involving a loan with more than $17 million outstanding. And when a number of borrowers tried to get injunctions to block lenders from exercising their rights on secured collateral, we were right there to defeat them.

In our False Claims Act practice, we have represented whisteblowers (known as relators) in California, Florida, Illinois, New York, and Massachusetts. We settled a major government fraud case against a for-profit education company. We expect to see more of these in the next year or two. Representing two whistleblowers in their case against Novartis and Genentech, we persuaded the First Circuit to revive the bulk of their claims, and their cases are now underway. We are investigating several other cases and hope to bring them to court next year. If you have a potential case, by all means, give us a call.

In commercial litigation, we settled a case on behalf of Sami Hayek, who is Salma Hayek's father and a major oil industry supplier in Mexico. The case itself made new law before the U.S. District Court. We also obtained a verdict on behalf of our clients who were sued by plaintiffs seeking to "pierce the corporate veil," or hold them individually liable, in a dispute over a marketing agreement.

Our First Amendment practice is rapidly expanding. We successfully beat back a defamation case against a major New England news organization. We represented Shiva Ayyadurai, the inventor of e-mail, in his defamation suit against Gawker. And we have teamed up with the ACLU to represented VTDigger in a Freedom of Information challenge to the State of Vermont. We also quietly settled a case on behalf of a client whose personal information had been exposed to the public.

A busy year. We look forward to talking with you in 2017.

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