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David Now Stands As Tall As Goliath

One of our cases right now could be worth tens of millions of dollars. But it is going to require discovery and we are up against two of the top law firms in the country. Lawyer friends ask us, how in the world can you afford to do discovery on a case like that?

I once did a case in which I was in charge of about 200 lawyers, who sat in a vast windowless office, each of them staring at a computer for ten to 12 hours a day. They were all looking for documents with certain key words in them and then deciding what to do with them. The bill for that project was in the millions of dollars.

But times have changed, and the technology has leveled the playing field to a point where a firm our size can match a firm with hundreds of lawyers behind it.

Software with predictive technology can sift through millions of pages of documents and find the few documents that will help your case. In place of the old "war room" of stacks of bankers boxes, indexed to the vital documents, an Excel spreadsheet can put documents at your fingertips.

A recent Forbes article stated that one person can now in a day the same job that used to take two to three months and a full staff of lawyers and paralegals. See

This all spells great news for us Davids out there. For the Goliaths? Not so good.

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