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How to save thousands in legal fees and make your lawyer happy

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The other day, we had a client who was able to save thousands of dollars on his legal bill, and we couldn't have been happier about it.

Here is how he did it:

We had a court filing to do that required many people at his company to get involved. We didn't know what everyone knew or what they did. Taking the time to get all this together could have racked up a lot of hours of attorney time.

But instead, the client rounded all the stakeholders up and got their input - the engineers, executives, pr, everyone. Then he broke all of their comments out, filling in any gaps he perceived, and sent that on to us. That gave us an enormous headstart, and saved hours of time. Now we only had to ask the questions at the margins and had a well-organized document we could work directly from.

Next, when we completed the document and sent it back to the client for review, the client passed it around among those same stakeholders and told them to check it carefully to make sure it was all correct. Now we had a bulletproof document that would not need amending once it got to court. This saved many hours more of time


In the end, the client was happy to carve a large amount off his legal bill, and we were happy to have a well-organized, factually-tight document that could win the day in court.