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No, A Court Did Not Just Make It A Crime To Use Your Mom's Netflix Account If She's Good With It

There's a lot of talk that an important court just made it a crime to use someone's Netflix account. 

Hardly any of that is true. You can still use your mom's Netflix account, or comment on her YouTube account, or go by her username if she's playing Pokemon long as she is okay with it.

In fact, for most people, the Ninth Circuit's opinion in Facebook, Inc. v. Vachani is hardly even breathtaking. It just says what the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act has always said: if you use someone else's identification to access a computer without authorization, you can be liable. For website owners, the opinion potentially goes a lot further and may give website owners the power to punish someone who goes on the website after they've been told not to.

But for every day users, the law applies as it always has - if you give someone permission to use your identification and password, there is no liability under that law.

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