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Some Thoughts on How to Survive Coronavirus

           Covid-19, or Coronavirus, is changing our lives. As businesses struggle to stay ahead of the pandemic, they need to consider how the law governs their problems.

What about torts? How can you protect yourself? How liable is your business if someone with coronavirus has been in your building? What are your duties to your employees and customers?

Your business has made contracts with people and other businesses. Can your business still abide by its contracts? What happens if it doesn’t? What are the best steps to take if you see a default coming?

For many businesses, unfortunately, the answers will only come at the end of litigation. Coronavirus is new and the law will be rapidly developing to keep up.

           So we have written a short book to help businesses navigate through this crisis. The book is not going to attempt to give the “right” answers to any of these questions. Rather, it will give a framework for you to think about some of these problems and what considerations will likely go into them.

You can download the book here.