• When it comes to business litigation in Boston, let’s just say, we’ve been a few times around the block.


    From the “we’ve got to do something about this guy” dispute to the “help us; we’re under attack” kind, and all the way to the high stakes, “bet the company” litigation. From State Street to Dot Ave, we have been there.

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    We have stood up for small businesses fighting off Goliath, as well as for large multinational business with its life on the line. We have helped software companies, yoga clinics, banks, ice cream shops, hedge funds, jewelry stores. Businesses like that.


    Contract disputes, partner blowups, employment problems, as well as securities fraud, antitrust cases – we know the business.


    For every case we take on, we know that the result will change our clients’ futures. So we work to understand what your business is about, what you need to survive. What you need to thrive.


    With that in mind, we craft a litigation strategy that can serve your best interests. But we also keep a sharp eye on how things change as we go along.


    Unlike most Boston litigation firms, we practice on both sides of the courtroom, representing plaintiffs and defendants. This gives us insight into what the other side is likely thinking, and how they may react.


    Our small size makes us nimble in our practice, but our breadth of experience makes us killers in the courtroom. This flexibility also allows us to work out fee arrangements and litigation budgets with our clients that allow a business to reliably predict the costs and benefits of pursuing a strategy.

    When You Take On Goliath, Carry A Big Slingshot

    While our small size makes us agile, our wide contacts make us strong. If the case requires, we can power up to a team size that can take on any sized opponent, drawing on colleagues we have worked with for years, whose ability and good nature make them a pleasure to work with.

    Resolving Contract Disputes

    Think about all the contracts a business is involved in – investment agreements, bank loans, partnership contracts, property ownership contracts, employment contracts, construction contracts, and more. So naturally, in business, most disputes center around contracts.


    Usually, these disputes can be resolved just by reading the words of the contract closely and considering what they mean to the parties who signed the contract, and in the light of Massachusetts and federal law. A well-drafted contract should include specific instructions or clauses for dealing with many of the situations that often give rise to business disputes. But even if the contract doesn’t have these provisions, a good law firm knows how to get the dispute resolved.

    Asserting Shareholder Rights

    A business cannot take unfair advantage of its investors and should always be aware that shareholders have rights under the law.


    Many business disputes revolve around the assertion of shareholder rights, or other shareholders’ liability from preventing minority shareholders from exercising their rights.


    Shareholder disputes can often be resolved through FINRA arbitration, in state superior court, or, if it involves a federal securities law or an out-of-state party, the U.S. District Court in Boston can hear the dispute.


    When it comes to shareholder disputes, Cornell Dolan, P.C. has long expertise in securities law. Before forming Cornell Dolan, Partner Timothy Cornell was at the Office of Chief Counsel for the Division of Trading and Markets of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Both Timothy Cornell and Patrick Dolan have litigated major securities cases in state and federal courts as well as before FINRA arbitrators.

    Guiding You Through Major Changes In Your Business

    Sometimes, the best way to steer around a business dispute is to make a major change in the business structure.


    But even if the owners decide to close the company, they still have to resolve some legal issues. How to divide up the remaining business property, or deal with outstanding liability, for example. A business litigation lawyers can anticipate how a court will look at these problems, and figure out how their client should handle them.


    Other times, the best solution is to buy a partner or investor out. This could happen because the partner or investor wants to exit the business. Or there is a dispute that cannot be resolved without the party leaving. No matter the reason, though, a business litigation lawyer can assess the parties’ rights under the law and advise on how best to make the buyout work for all the parties.

    How To Protect Yourself If You Are In A Dispute

    Whether you are a business owner, a partner, or an investor, if you see a business dispute on the horizon, here are some other things you can do:

    • Keep careful records of your interaction with the other party. Do not throw away documents or delete them from your inbox. If possible, have other witnesses around when you discuss an issue with the other party. Or send the other party a follow-up email, summarizing what you understand the key points were in your email.
    • From time to time, get out your contracts and read them. That way, you can know what your rights are, as well as your duties.
    • Call a lawyer early, just to get the lawyer up to speed with any issues. The lawyer will become familiar with the business so that you will have a headstart if a crisis should hit.

    How To Handle Business Disputes Professionally And Legally

    A serious dispute can be resolved in several ways. Sometimes, simply talking the issues through with all parties can solve the dispute. In other cases, arbitration with a neutral third party can offer a speedy and legally-binding resolution. And sometimes, the best path is a lawsuit. In any construction law case, real estate dispute, or business contract dispute, hiring an experienced lawyer can be well worth the cost.


    The attorneys at Cornell Dolan, P.C. have a track record of successful high-profile contract dispute cases thanks to their legal acumen and commitment to protecting clients’ rights. If you face a breach of contract, a real estate contract dispute, or a problem related to construction law, the attorneys at Cornell Dolan, P.C. may be able to help.


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